Vaginal Steaming

Benefits: Why Vaginal steam?

  • Regulating and reducing pain and fatigue of menstruation
  • Decreasing menstrual flow to only fresh menses
  • Strengthening and tightening vaginal walls
  • Increasing sensitivity during sex
  • Increasing fertility
  • Speeding the healing process and toning the reproductive system as well as shrinking the uterus back to size after birth
  • Assist with repairing vaginal tears, episiotomy, after C-section
  • Assist in healing hemorrhoids
  • Relieve chronic vaginal yeast infection and maintain healthy odor
  • Reducing uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, prolapse, and endometriosis.
  • Ease symptoms of menopause
  • Release stored emotions and tap into manifesting creative energy
  • Detoxify the Womb and Spa steam for your yoni

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Single: $50. Basic cleanse.

Four: $200. Once a week, for each phase of menstruation.

Six: $300. 2 groups of 3, before and after menstruation. This causes a better uterine cleanse before, and ensures a healthy cycle after.


Kaleema is a true manifestation of the goddess, a woman who knows what she wants and knows how to tend to the deep feminine.  I absolutely LOVE getting steams with her- I always leave feeling calmer, grounded, more in touch with my feminine beauty and divinity, and soon-to-be cleared of what is no longer needed in my body, mind and heart.  I also love her yoni eggs so much that I have THREE!  Depending on my mood and needs, I insert each egg with an intention and I am able to come back to its presence in my womb whenever I need its energy, guidance, or support.  Her work has definitely been a vessel for me to grow closer with my feminine essence and the power of my womb you manifest for myself.


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My Story My Why

I started vaginal steaming after I had my second child as a gift to myself for postpartum I bought a Yoni Steam box and committed to self care. I steam as a way to cleanse my womb, release past trauma, and spa ritual for my Yoni. During my preganacy I got BV and even after it was still happening. The Gynocologist gave me multiple rounds of antibiotics during and after my pregnancy. I did everything in my power to get rid of it naturally but nothing worked even after the baby was born. I told the Gyno I was going to steam and they told me not to and it would make it worse. The stress of dealing with my ex and every time we had sex always brough it on but until we parted did it go away. I started steaming regularly and I went back to the Gyno and it was gone. Steaming has healed me as well as gave me a happy Yoni and confidence to create steaming rituals of my own for myself, for my daughter, and as well as a community of woman. As woman we can create and manifest from our womb and the more knowledge we have on how to holistically heal gives us more power. I want to share Yoni Steaming with as many woman as possible so that we may pass it on to the next generation.