Yoni Eggs

Protect, heal, dream.


Amethyst Yoni Egg This crystal is protective and has strong healing and cleansing powers. It brings your awareness to Spiritual growth. Connecting higher self with your own sexual desires and vibrational frequencies of orgasm. The Amethyst crystal yoni egg clears our perception and hightens our intuition that gives you your vision of consciousness and gives you everything you need to continue to rise in your spiritual and sexual growth. Promotes emotional balance and alleviates negativity. Helps with being fully present and releasing toxins physical, spiritual, and emotional. This crystal helps to balance the crown chakra. Embrace the depth's of your soul desire with the Amethyst Yoni Egg. -Only the purest quality of yoni eggs tumbled and non radiated.

All Yoni Eggs come nicely wrapped cleansed in a pouch with a GIA certification, Yoni Egg info packet, and a free consultation phone, text, or email.


My Yoni Egg testimonial

I had given birth to my first child in 2009 at the Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. From the beginning of this pregnancy journey I felt I wasn’t supported enough. The nurse who helped me through my pregnancy told me they were going to cut me, meaning the Dr.’s were going to cut me. I was confused but didn’t know what my options were. I had a completely healthy pregnancy, and wanted to give birth naturally but when I went to the hospital I ended up having an emergency C-section. The woman Dr. told me my hips just weren’t meant for giving birth.

I started my Yoni Egg journey in 2014. I began to deepen my Yoni Egg practice through the years. I worked with only undrilled Yoni Eggs because birthing it was important to me. Making it ritualistic and setting my intention in it gave me strength. Practicing with Yoni Eggs builds my personal power, brings awareness to my womb, and intuition. I respect and love the Earth and have always had a love for crystals and their healing properties. Yoni Eggs have helped build my personal power by reclaiming my womb.

I gave birth to my second child in 2018. This time around it was an all natural vaginal birth. I used these very hips, this vagaina, and my voice. I had a doula from ROOTT “Restoring Our Own Through Transformation” A black woman lead reproductive justice organization dedicated to the well being of woman and families in communities. I had the support and I had prepared for birth with my Yoni Egg practice for years along with meditation and Yoga. I was so excited I literally jumped out of the bed soon after giving birth with the happiness that came with the baby and gaining my own power back through birth.